I am researching my family tree and have reached a dead end with my paternal grandmother's brothers and sister. I am wondering if any of them emigrated to Australia. Not sure how to start the search. Her siblings were Adamina Reid born Edinburgh Scotland in 1888 and two brothers, both also born in Edinburgh,  Adam Forbes Reid b 1892 and George Forbes Reid b 1889. There is no record of them in the UK after the 1911 Census i.e. no marriages or deaths. Mother was Agnes Reid. I can't find them as casualties in WW1.

How to I use the Record Search to find them. It seems a bit complicated what with all the different agencies. Any help would be appreciated.

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Thank you very much Debra

That could well be him as I found that he joined the Cameron Highlanders in 1909, served through WW1, re-enlisted and served 21 years and retired with a pension in 1930 at Barnet. I think that is near London. If it is him he got married in 1957 to Daisy Dorothy Ranson.

I am not aquaint with searching English records. I have a feeling that a death certificate in England doesn't give as much information as a Scottish one. I will have to go to my local family history branch and check.

How can you check London electoral rolls? I thought that they weren't available for 100 years

Thanks again


Apologies Debra

I am thinking of census records.

hello i have just joined this wonderful site, I am a decendant of Mary Reid, i do not know when she migrated to australia or how, My great great grandfather George  Dupen and Mary were married in Bathurst New South Wales Australia ,  on 15th Jan 1849,  reg number 451V79, i hope some one out there  knows something of this Mary Reid.thanks in antipation.

Mary,   Do you know when Mary REID was born and her parents names?  It would help if you knew where she was born then the immigration records to NSW can be checked to see if she is listed


hello Elizabeth ty for replying. i have no proof on mary reid but i got sent this info her marriage certificate, and supposedly born 1825 Glasgow .
No much to go on i know but she must have a death certificate some where but with no registration numbers cheers  Mary

Mary,  I will see if I can find anything for you & will get back SAP


Mary,  I am pretty sure I have found her death - it appears she remarried after George died in 1856 but I want to check further - the death has parents names listed

Still need to check immigration to match up these details but looking promising


Mary,  I will send you a friends request with my email address as I have found lots of info for you and also found her immigration record in 1848 with her parents etc

I have both her parents names now as well

Will send you the info by email as I want to ask you a further question offline



i nearly choked om my lunch reading your email.so happy at last
imstarted my family serch at the age of 66 this year, and never had a clue what any of my ancestors looked like , only a few stories from mum , no photos no history, on her dad or mums side of tge family, only through the kindness of people like your self is this at all possible.cheers Mary

Mary,  Sorry I didn't mean to kill you in the process!!!!!

Just noticed your email but havn't read it yet - I am very happy to help as I know how wonderful it is when you finally have some luck tracking down your family


Ha ha  I will slow down a tad, as when I'm exited I make heaps of typos, and that is never a good thing dealing with  precious dates?


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