Thank you for participating in the forum. I’ve really enjoyed reading the postings and trying to help you to find the information you’ve been looking for.

The National Archives of Australia established the forum last year with the aim of helping researchers and other users of the Archives collection to navigate our online collection database, RecordSearch. We are very aware that finding records in archival collections can be very confusing and daunting - even for the more experienced researchers - as each item is unique and no archive organises its collection in the same way as another.

I am currently evaluating how successful the forum has been and would really appreciate any comments or feedback you may have about your experiences with the RecordSearch forum.  I'm very interested in whether you received helpful advice on how to use our online collection databases, whether you were able to find the information you were seeking, whether you think the forum should continue, did you think the advice you received was timely, and whether you got a better understanding of archives in general, and more specifically, the collection of the National Archives. However, anything else you would like to let us know will also be welcome.

Thanks for taking the time to consider this



RecordSearch Forum administrator 

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Hello Tonia,

Thanks for the opportunity to provide feedback on the RecordSearch forum.

I am an amateur researcher although I have made a lot of use of the NAA databases.  Working full time and living in Western Australia does rather limit my opportunities to visit Canberra; I managed two days in the reading room in 2010. 

My impressions of the forum from the general line of questions posed were that it provided a user-friendly interface to your records.  The responses were in many cases widely applicable and I found myself checking to see what others had asked to see if I could learn anything.

I felt the answers I received were helpful and if anything they have encouraged me to continue my research.  Personally I would like to see the forum continue although I suppose it has to prove itself to be worthy of the cost in staff time against lots of other competing interests.

It is wonderful to live in a country that places such importance on its historical records, and to have professional NAA staff to look after them.


Kind regards 


Peter Mitchell


Thanks very much for you feedback - I'm glad we've been able to help you navigate our systems and to encourage you in your research.




hello thank you for your help in my research archive australia I find good information I want to know is what date system will stop your archives?

Thanks you for your feedback.  I hope you were able to find the information you were looking for.  We don't intend to close the archives, however I am evaluating whether we will continue with this forum. 



I would like to say that i enjoy the forum and found it very Helpful when Tonya followed up on my question,I felt that my enquiries fro NAA where very friendly and helpful,keep up the good work...Alison Edwards 

Thank you for your feedback - I'm glad we were able to help you.  



I am very, very grateful for the invaluable information I have received from Tonia and Debra.  I simply can not express my gratitude enough.  It was amazing.  Thank you so very much.

Thanks very much for your feedback, Janice.  I'm very pleased that you were able to find the information you were seeking, and were able to put another piece of your family history together.



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