I believe my uncle Robert Sanders name should be included in the AWM Roll of Honour. His Details are held in Series B2458 control 23233 his service number was NX505700. He was killed in an accident whilst on active service with the 3rd RAR in October 1951, undergoing training in Japan, his file is marked as "open with exception" for a closed period.

Why is this so?

I would like to obtain a copy of his records so that I may continue discussions with the curator in the AWM.

Any advice would be appreciated.

Thank you.............Colin

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Hi Colin,

There are some details here about why parts of records are closed, access time frames etc.


Sometimes it is just that records contain recent information about people who may be still living and the indexed entry for his record does state that the closed content is for the period 1991-2004.

Just click on 'Request copy' on the right hand side of his search result page and follow the links to order a copy of the service record.  You can appeal the redacted parts and information about that is included in the link I gave above.

The end date for inclusion in the WW2 Roll of Honour was 30 June 1947 with a bit of leeway if the death was directly related to WW2.  I know that the criteria was changed in 2013 to include all those who died on 'operational service'  but as you say, that is something that would have to be discussed with the AWM.


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