hello i am looking for my father toimmigrate to australia 22 may 1957

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The National Archives has the migrant selection documents for people who migrated to Australia under a Government assisted migration scheme.  I suggest you fill in the form at http://naa.gov.au/collection/forms/imm-inquiry.aspx, providing as much information as possible.  One of our reference officers will conduct a search of the records for you.



(NAA staff)


He was living in New South Wales in the 1980's.  Perhaps you can contact those people who are currently listed in the telephone directory - there are only a few.


You might also like to contact this community organisation


Good luck


how you know he lived in NSW in the 1980s?
I can not find on pages with I want to know if he's still alive
I found the file in the achivement but not address

Hi there,

He was enrolled to vote in 1980 in NSW, so he must have been a naturalised citizen.  Of course I don't know for certain that he is your person.

Miroslav DURANOVIC, 1/5 Phillip Street, Lakemba, Leading Hand

Also at the same address:

William DURANOVIC, 1/5 Phillip Street, Lakemba, Clerk

It was quite a long time age, 30 years, but if you contact those with the same name in the current telephone directory they may be able to help you.



hello Debra

how you did it to see the electoral lists whits site

thank you

rensegnement thank you for how you know it's Miroslav Duranovic?
esqu'il is alive?

I had a quick look in the Australian telephone directory and there are only 5 Duranovics listed in Australia. There is still a person listed at the Phillip Street address - B Duranovic.  Maybe you could write a letter to them in Croatian?  The postal address is:

1/5 Phillip Street
Lakemba NSW 2195


I'm sorry - I can't write in French or Croatian.



thank you for the information
do not speak English but french and Croatian

hello I want to request a certificate of naturalization how I should proceed thank you for your help


To request a copy of a certificate of naturalization, please go online to the form http://naa.gov.au/collection/forms/imm-inquiry.aspx and provide as many details as about the person whose certificate you require (especially their name). There may also be a naturalization file with the person's application and other information.  Our reference officers will conduct a search of the records to find the certificate (and naturalization file) for you and will advise you of the cost to purchase a copy of the records.




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