Researching Reginald James Cunningham is quite the complex mystery.

Born Canada 


Lived in Sydney have photos of him in his Army Unifom,

Can I please have ideas where to look next 



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You have given quite a bare minimum of details. What else do you know about him and how do you know that he was born in Canada?

BTW Is he the guy who married Florence Maud Marley in NSW?


Hello Sylvia 

Thank you for your reply .

There is not much we know about Reginald James Cunningham .

He Married Florence Maud Marley in 1952 

It says he was a market gardener from Mona Vale and she was from Yelverton St St Peters NSW 

HIs age is 36 years and her age as 35 years

It states his father was William  Cunningham (Deceased) Company Director 

                                    Mother Elizabeth May (Davis ) 

He died  1986 in Bundaberg.

And that is all we know.

He does not come up any census but Florence does. 

Thankyou for your assistance


I’ve seen a few trees for him that seem to have varying details regarding his birth place and his parents, so I’ve got the following questions

  1. As asked previously, how do you know that he was born in Canada? Could he have had a Canadian father instead?
  2. Every source has his name as Reginald Cunningham, so where did the second name “James” originate from?
  3. Which country did his army uniform represent? And was it army/navy/air force?
  4. What was his exact birth date? Could he have been born a bit before 1915?
  5. Did he live in any other states (VIC?) before ending up in NSW and QLD?
  6. Is it possible that he changed his name(s) because he was adopted?

At the moment I’ve only got one theory left that I have not been able to rule out. Unfortunately it isn’t a theory I feel very confident about, so I’m hoping that any possible answers to the questions will help me a bit … I know that you can't always answer every question, but sometimes that might be an answer in itself ... e.g. maybe he doesn't have James as a second name at all, so try to give a comment for each of the 6 questions.


Hello Sylvia

Everything we know is here say.

1 .He told his family he was born in Canada Quebec

His family William Cunningham was deceased on his marriage certificate. 

He told everyone he was Reginald James his only grandson also has the James as a second name.

His uniform is Australian 

He told his family he went to war and he fought in The Desert against Romell he then went to New Guinea.

He wore a Army uniform

Do not know he married in 1952 and his age on that document is 36 years

He could have been born before I have also seen that one in Tasmainia with the wife Jeanette. But feel he is too old.

He lived in NSW and he lived in Queensland. 

His son was born in Brisbane. 

He is on NO Census his wife is 

Florence Maud Cunningham (Marley) 

Lived in St Peters in NSW 

She also live in Fortitude Valley 


He died in Bundaberg in 1986 

There is an Earnest James Cunningham maybe ??????

I feel he definitely changed his name but in those days when a name was changed often there was no paperwork?

I want to thank you so much for this help.

With this man anything is possible. 



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