Where can I find the files of Non-Commissioned Officers and other ranks 1921-1948, please? Series number A9301. or who can I write to?

I have a service record of the person I was looking for but it doesn't give any RAAF units he served with.

I know he signed up early and was sent to Ireland for Bomber training. He contacted family there. Yet, as we know Ireland was officially "Neutral", but may have assisted in non-combat activities for the commonwealth.  However, I don't really know.

I cannot find any mention of training camps in Ireland but I suspect if there was one it may have been just outside  Birr, in  Co. Offaly. 

Any suggestions on where I can get this information, please? I need proof and place of training, so far it is anecdotal. It is not a family myth. Relatives on both sides AU and Ireland say it was true. Memorabilia was bought back.

I am wondering if this is sensitive information.

I hope you can give me some ideas about where to start.

Kind regards


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