You can purchase a print copy of records you find reference to on RecordSearch through our secure e-commerce facility 

  1. Click on the RecordSearch link on the right hand side of our home page to begin searching in RecordSearch.
  2. On the RecordSearch entry page, choose ‘Search now’ as a guest.  If you are a reistered researcher you can choose the 'Log in' option to enter your login name and password.
  3. Conduct your search.  If you locate an item you would like to purchase a copy of, click on the 'Request copy' link on the Item details screen.  If you already know which item you would like copied, on the Advanced Search Screen select 'Items' and enter the Series number and Control symbol in the specified fields. You may also search using keywords from the item title.
  4. Select ‘Continue’.  Choose the type of copy you would like ‘Printed copy’ or ‘Digital copy’ and select 'Update basket'.  If you have more than one item to order click on ‘Back to search results’ at the bottom of the screen.
  5. Click on ‘Continue’ and follow the instructions displayed.

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Thank you Tonia, I have done this search part for my neighbour and will pass the relevant information on to her so that she can order by mail if she wants to. I also found out that it would cost her $22.90 for copies of a standard file of less than 100 sheets, which is what I am sure a Service Record would be.

I've tried several times to request copies of my records, I usually get a screen saying item not available, so I submit anyway, and never get any kind of response back, even after 90 days. I've tried to request my parent's arrival records, for which scanned copies are there, but don't get the screens you describe. Its like we are talking about 2 different sites.

How long does it typically take to get a digital copy?


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