Recently there is a problem using different browsers with Record Search to access various War Records etc

When using Microsoft Edge browser I am able to copy the URL of the relevant page for reference but am completely unable to view any of the records

With Opera Browser it is completely the opposite - I can view the files but cannot copy the URL of the page

This means while researching I have to swap browsers all the time to be able to copy a URL and view the records - it worked perfectly OK until recently so something must have changed

Any help appreciated as it is making researching using the NAA very difficult


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I submitted the above information to the NAA several months ago and am still waiting for a reply after more than 50 days  - is there anyone working in this area of the NAA at the moment which would explain the delay in replying to my query?

I was told I would get a reply by end October and it is now 2nd December - I need to get this problem sorted as soon as possible please



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