Please help Grandfather Jack Wicks dob 14 Aug 1920 surprisingly found in Aus records Series B884 N445446

My grandfather was a Merchant Seaman in the UK. Born High Wycombe. Next of Kin James Wicks

He married in early 1942 and then went to sea in May 1942, arriving in New York June 1942 on SS Darwin. Nothing appears to have been heard of him after that EXCEPT there appears to be a record of him somewhere in the NAA records.

His service number is N445446. He seems to be recorded in series B884 (Army Citizen Military Forces) and then clicking through  in series number A11794 Application for Campaign Stars and War Medal. 

This application was in 20th May 1946.

Please woudl someone give me a few tips on how can find out more about my grandfather in the records.

If he applied himself in 1946 this would be an exciting find. thank you so much.

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It seems that he was still on ships in WW2:

Could he be on one of these photos?:

BTW The NAA is planning to have all the records in series B884 digitised by June 2023. Currently it is already  a work in progress, but If you can't wait, it will cost you abt $36 to have it digitised...

Hi Sylvia

How very kind of you to take the time to help me.

You have sent me info that I simply never knew....and probably wouldn't have found.

As there is no record of him in the UK after May 1942 , I will assume that he stayed in your fine country....and will work out how I search Australian deaths and censuses!

Thank you so much

Sent with very best wishes




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