I have been trying on and off for years to find some artifacts of my father who died when I was 4. All I have is a death certificate and a marriage certificate. All photos were destroyed so I don't know what he looks like. I found 2 entries in the archive for music he registered :

Item is A1336, 12323


AUTHOR William Herbert Lloyd : ADDRESS Melbourne : TITLE OF WORK The Enchanted Forest : TYPE OF WORK Musical Work : APPLICANT William Herbert Lloyd : DATE OF APPLICATION 7 Mar 1924 : DATE COPYRIGHT REGISTERED 20 Mar 1924 : WORK ENCLOSED? Yes

I purchased this record and 1 other and it is not of too much use. From it, I get some sheet music and his address in 1924. I am hoping someone on this forum who is more experienced with the archive might be able to dig up or know how to dig up more useful information.


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William seems to have been born at his father’s Alma studio in Footscray and I would have expected that his photographer father would have taken various photo’s of him.

I believe that your best route might be via extended family. Unfortunately his painter brother died without children. His sister-in-law Vera Gordon Lloyd died after her husband and her probate doco is held by PROV (public records Victoria). Maybe it contains some info regarding the destination of her belongings incl possible family photos. There might also be some Lloyd/Fis(c)her cousins that could have had photo’s. As he had been married twice, it is also possible that one of the spouses could have kept some photo’s.

Another option could be the Footscray Historical society (https://footscrayhistoricalsociety.org.au/).

N.B. I can see the fairly complete picture of William’s background, but unfortunately not any artifacts (except for things like newspaper clippings reg the family).

Thanks so much Sylvia for the time you have taken to look into this. I will follow your advise when I am home again in a couple of weeks


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