I am looking for Paul and Gaynor Cross. They emigrated from the UK (Paul had been raised somewhere in Australia I think) in 1974-75 They arrived midwinter and we kept in touch for a while then lost their contract details. They had two boys who would now be in their late 30's whilst Gaynor and Paul would be about 60 now. Anyone who can help would be very welcome. Nothing has shown up on any Record searches so far.

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Ian,  Do you know if her name was Gaynor Christine CROSS?  If so there is an electoral roll record in New South Wales but it only goes up to 1980 at the moment


Hi Elizabeth,

I couldn't have recalled her middle name, but now I hear it, it sounds right. I am new to this game (one day's experience!) I would welcome a link or some suggestions as to how I access the record. Maybe I can follow them forward from that?

they were great mates back in the day and were at our wedding. our Ruby anniversary, got us reminiscing

Here's hoping.


Ian,  I will check the electoral rolls and get back to you and will be able to give you a location at least in 1980

you could also check the phone directory online www.whitepages.com.au

but there would be many P CROSS listed

Hopefully a family member will find you with a google search

Was he a Paul Simon CROSS ?  just crosschecking electoral rolls


He was! (hopefully still is!) Thank you so much, this is great!


Ian,  If you live in Australia you can access electoral rolls past 1980 in some libraries

They are no longer available in the electoral offices for genealogy research


This is the last electoral roll they are listed on in Werriwa electorate of New South Wales


1980 Electoral Rolls – Gaynor Christine CROSS is living at 13 Georgiana Crescent AMBERVALE (CAMPBELLTOWN) NSW – Hairdresser. Her husband Paul Simon CROSS is with her and he is a Sales Rep . . .

No idea where they are now but you can check the phone directory to see if they are the same address  www.whitepages.com.au  - good luck


Ian,  I found this listing doing a google search which appears the family may now live in Victoria if it is the same person?

The sons names are listed here which might provide a clue




You may be able to find the person who posted this family tree



Ian,  Did you get your reply from Gaynor on this thread?


tried to send you a message but it accidentally went through as a friends request without any information included



Hi Elizabeth,

Yes indeed we did! It took a few months, but about 4 weeks ago we had a reply from her and it was our long lost freebie. We are now back in email touch and catching up on 40 years of family news etc. Thank you so much for all your help, it was very much appreciated

Best Regards


Ian,   I am delighted to hear that your search was successful and that you are back in touch again



Hello Ian, So spooky to hear from you as I have often wondered over the years what has happened to you and France's. I saw you were on LinkedIn, but I don't really use that site. How are you both?

this is a huge shot in the dark but i am currently searching for any info on a Bernard Robert Cross. He was killed in 1942 in New Guinea fighting for Australia. He is my fathers father who he knows nothing about. 

Thank you for your time


my email is icrushfastballs@gmail.com

Jason,  I will send you an email about Bernard Robert Cross

I cannot find a Bernard CROSS who was killed in WW2 but did find the following which might be him




I have emailed you & can help you further offline if needed



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