Hi.  Could anyone help me with a James Washington Comley and his wife Alice, left London in 1924 aboard the ship Themistocles.  I would like to be able to get up a passenger list.  Any help would be appreciated.

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Hi Patricia,

The Themistocles made several trips to Australia in 1924.  Your couple were on the voyage which departed London on 27 March and arrived at Albany in WA on 4 May.  It then went on to all ports around the coast to Brisbane.  The Comleys were contracted to land at Melbourne.  James was a carpet planner aged 36, and Alice was a housewife aged 27.  Their last address was 16 St Luke's Road, Clapham, SW.  The outbound passenger list is digitised on several subscription based genealogy websites.

You will find an interesting digitised report of the journey by the ship's welfare officer by searching for S.S. THEMISTOCLES No. 8 (24/2061) sailed 27/3/1924  (Barcode 468791)  Perhaps if you have a look through the whole document you might find mention of your relatives.  There were over 200 children onboard!!

Other documents that you can request a copy of -

Search for:

Incoming passenger list to Albany Themistocles arrived 4 May 1924 (Barcode 30241367)

[Nominal rolls of passengers into Western Australia - "Themistocles" departed England 27 March 1924 arrived Albany 4 May 1924] (Barcode 1765384)

http://www.naa.gov.au/collection/using/search/index.aspx (begin your search)



Hi Debra.  Thankyou so much for all the information.  I really appreciate the information that you have provided.  I will try to look up the passenger list with the barcode you provided. Many thanks again. Patricia

Hi Debra.  I have got up all the information (27 pages of information on the Themistolcles) but I can only print out 3 pages.  I have tried everything.  Do I have to purchase the information. I can read it all but will not let me print out past page 3.  I am happy to purchase, but is there anyother way I can print from page 3-27. Many thanks Patricia

Hi Patricia,

Can you tell me which document you are talking about and I will have a look?  Sometimes with online documents you have to save a copy to your computer and then print it out.


Hi Debra.  It is the digitised copies of the Themistocles 8 barcode 468791.  For some reason I cannot copy or paste on my computer and can still only print out pages 1-3.  Unable to print 4-27.  Regards Patricia

Hi Patricia 

If you are trying to print the digitised report Debra provided the details for above [S.S. THEMISTOCLES No. 8 (24/2061) sailed 27/3/1924  (Barcode 468791) ], you shouldn't have aproblem printing the digitised pages.  There is no charge once a digitised copy is online.  Please let me know if you continue to have problems and I will investigate the problem further.

For the two other items above, if they haven't yet been digitised, you will need to purchase a copy. Please let me know if you require help with how to purchase the copy.


(NAA staff)

Hi Tonia.  I have the digitised report re Themistocles, Series B4094 Themistocles 8 and it has 27 pages of digitised items.  I can still only print out the first 3 pages.  I can view the 27 pages, but I am unable to paste on my computer.  Can I purchase the copies or is their another way to print the pages 4-27.  I havent had this problem before as I have printed out digitised pages before.  Thanks Patricia

Hi Patricia,

I am having no problem with printing the pages and can also "right click" and save the image.  Have you tried exiting out of the website and re-trying?  Computers can be ornery things sometimes!!


Hi Patricia

I'm not in the office again until Monday morning, but will look into the matter for you then and will help you to print the digitised report.  I am curious about what may be causing printing to stop at page 4.



Thanks Tonia.  Patricia


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