i am very new to this forum i hope all will help and advise me.

My maternal grandmother married a soldier in Dec 1917 he was Scottish born as was she,when he went to Australia i have no idea,but he joined up in the Imperial Forces 21 Infantry Battalion -13 to 18 Reinforcements.in August 1915..

He seemingly landed up in Edinburgh Scotland where he met my Grandmother they married in Dec 1917.

I am now trying to look for their deaths and as i cannot find any information on the Scottish sites i am thinking they decided to live in Australia,i would love to find out about them.


Douglas Granville Lyons

Mary Jane Shand Lyons (nee Whyte or White) born Montrose Scotland 1892.

                                                                                                        Thank you

                                                                                                                  Hope you can help. 

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Rachel,  This appears to be their deaths in Victoria, Australia

Digger - Death Index. Victoria 1921-1985

Surname: LYONS
Given Names: Douglas Granvill
Father: Lyons Joseph
Mother: Mary  OBRIEN
Death Place: CANT
Age: 77
Year: 1968
Reg Number: 5084
Event: Death

Digger - Death Index. Victoria 1921-1985

Surname: LYONS
Given Names: Mary Jane
Father: White David
Death Place: CAMB
Age: 78
Year: 1972
Reg Number: 1747
Event: Death

I have one birth listed up to 1920 - may be more after that date

Digger - Great War Index. Victoria 1914-1920

Surname: LYONS
Given Names: Douglas Granville
Event: Birth
 Spouse Surname/Father: Douglas
Spouse Gvn Names/Mother: Mary Jane Shand WHYTE
Birth Place: RICHMOND
Year: 1919
Reg. Number: 30520

A copy of their death certs would have further information if needed


I can also try and find out where they are buried - I am pretty sure the death for Mary is the correct one - sometimes ages can be incorrect in death records but it is close


p.s.  His sister Nellie Beatrice POLSON was living in Australia as well if you need more details

Reading the rest of this thread I am unsure whether this helps but I can give details about Nellie Beatrice's children.

Rachel,  Burial/Cremation Details

They were both cremated at the SPRINGVALE Botanical Cemetery - however the record for Mary Jane states she was cremated on 18th October 1971 - perhaps they didn't register her death util 1972.
Springvale Botanical Cemetery Lyons   Douglas Granville Cremated   09/02/1968
The cremated remains have been scattered
Springvale Botanical Cemetery Lyons   Mary Jane  Cremated  18/10/1971
The cremated remains have been scattered
I am trying to find immigration details as I think Douglas parents also came as well as his sister
I found a newspaper article about her marriage to POLSON  in 1914 and it mentioned that the parents were both late of Victoria (presuming they were deceased?)
Will let you know if I have any luck with his immigration

Rachel,  There is something not quite right here as Douglas Granville LYONS war records state he was born in Scotland but there appears to be a birth for him (under Granville) and one for his sister Nellie Beatrice in Victoria

the father is listed as Isaac LYONS and the mother as Mary Theresa O'BRIEN - the father on his death record is listed as Joseph but that could be an error

If this is correct the family arrived here much earlier but I would have to do some more checking as I was just trying to find Douglas immigration pre 1915 - apparently he served 3 years in a Scottish regiment and was discharged from Australian Army in 1915 as unfit

This is the parents marriage in Victoria

Digger - Pioneer Index. Victoria 1836-1888

Surname: LYONS
Given Names: Isaac
Event: Marriage
Spouse Surname/Father: OBRIEN
Spouse Gvn Names/Mother: Mary Theresa
Birth Place: LONDON (for Isaac)

Birth Place; LIMERICK (for Mary)
Year: 1878
Reg Number: 2659

Any ideas?


Rachel,  I have further information for you that I don't want to post on this forum so  I will send you a friends request with my email address included so you can contact me via email

I have info from his death certificate & burial details that will sort this all out - you will get a surprise


Hi Elizabeth,

                  i hope all is well with you and your dear Mum.

I thought i would send you this re-scanned attachment i got from Scotlands People,,I feel what you and your friends have sent me is 100% correct this attachment seems to show different names of Douglas Granville Lyons parents.what do you think.?

I do understand that this could be a bad time for me to get you involved,please do not be concerned about my problem as my real Grandmother was really what i wanted to know about..

Pray all is well with you.



Rachel,   I will send you an email



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