Hi, I am having trouble finding out when and where my great grandfather William Padfield arrived in Australia. His family lived in Raglan, Victoria. Any leads old be grateful.

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Kennith,  Do you have any approximate dates - i.e. when he was born?

I found another message online about him while doing a google search and feel this may be him if the dates & birth place fit  - this one was a convict to Tasmania



Hi Elizabeth, supposedly b: Dec 8 1807 d: Jan 11 1868 Raglan, Victoria.

Kennith,  Do you know who he married ? Might give a few more clues


He married a Margaret Lyall née Darge/Dargg

Kennith,  I will see if I can find anything in our records as to whether he was a convict or not

If he was he would have needed to have a pardon to return to the UK & then later come back to Australia

I am presuming he married in England or Scotland as there is no record of this marriage in Australian records


Thank you Elizabeth.

Kennith,  It is difficult to be 100% sure but it appears there were two William PADFIELDs born in Somerset around the same time

I think the one who was a convict to Tasmania is the following

 There is a baptism for a William PADFIELD on 31st May, 1807 in Kilmersdon, Somerset England, father William, mother Mary. KILMERSDON fits in with the convict's native place in message No. 2. So it would seem that there were two William PADFIELDS baptised in the Bath area.

Your William PADFIELDs parents were listed as John & Mary on his death so unless that is incorrect it appears he was not a convict

If we could find his marriage to Margaret it might help but there is absolutely nothing on the BDM Indexes in Victoria - I was hoping if we could get a copy of his marriage it would help but we cannot find it

Either he just said he had married & didn't or the record may be missing from the indexes as it was an early date

I don't know where else you could go with this one without further information


Elizabeth, I thank you so much for your help and research. He was supposedly married in Hamilton Vic. But have found nothing.


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