Organisation of Recruit Training Units during World War One

Good evening,

My enquiry relates to the organisation of recruit training camps across Australia during World War One.

This is because my grandfather, following his enlistment, spent more than 8 months at the Blackboy Hill camp in Western Australia, before he departed for overseas.  He first completed officer training then was seconded to a number of sub-units engaged in conducting initial training of new recruits. It would greatly assist my appreciation of grandfather's internal postings if I knew more of the camp's organisational structure.

I imagine that these camps were established under pre-war doctrine stemming from the British Army. From reading several hundred AIF personnel files as part of several other research projects, I've been able to learn something of the Blackboy Hill training structure. What would be of most help is to see an organisation chart or a detailed explanation of the various sub-units.

I would be most grateful for any advice regarding material relating to Blackboy Hill or for guidance in accessing the Australian Imperial Force's instructions for establishing the training camps at the outbreak of WW1.

Most writing about Australia's involvement in World War One focusses on the 'sharp end', rather than here in Australia, hence this enquiry. I am of course continuing to look at library catalogues and lists of university dissertations, and would welcome any other suggested search areas.

Many thanks

Peter Mitchell

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