Hello everyone

I was wondering if anyone here has had any experience with records that are marked 'open with exception' specifically for reasons 33 1a & d?

I am researching my family history and these are my grandfathers immigration records, I was about to order them and then thought that it is possible that I might get nothing of value. I guess each case differs, but I was just curious to know if anyone has had the same experience and if they were able to get any decent information or is most of it omitted.



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Hi Marina,

The exempt categories are listed here:


I only have experience wih my grandfather's internment records where about six pages out of 100 were redacted.  From the position in the document I assume they were police statements.  The person who gave the information could reasonably have been expected to be still living at the time the record was examined.

You can try asking the NAA and they may be willing to have a look and give you an idea of how much might be missing.



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