During searching grandfather Jan Kolosko born. 21/11/1924, who sailed on the ship to Australia in 1949 I found in the National Archives on this site  full digital copy of his naturalization papers- in open access, so the documents are in the open access, does it mean that a person has died, and after his death has been more than 30 years? thanks in advance

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Yuliya,    It doesn't necessarily mean the person has died -  it just means that someone has requested them and they have been put online

I can check electoral rolls up to 1980 for Jan KOLOSKO if he didn't change his name but later ones can only be accessed through some libraries

They are no longer available for genealogy research in the electoral offices

You can also check phone directories online www.whitepages.com.au

Did you grandfather live in Victoria?

My son in law requested his parents naturalization details and they are now all listed online and they are all still living

I am not sure this is a good idea for personal identifying information to be listed online for living persons for privacy & security reasons but it still happens



Thank you very much, Elizabeth!

I checked electoral rolls 1903-1980 on ancestry.com.ua, and I found him in 1963, and 1968, he lived in Victoria in Albion. On avaliable (till 1983) online BDM services all over Australia there are no death index of Jan Kolosko.  So what now? ...

There ate two lines of Polish immigrants Kolosko in Australia, the first one I found in whitepages.com.ua, and we are in contact, they are living in Adelaida SA,  the second one is mine - Jan Kolosko checked in Victoria, and no information about him after 1968... 


Yuliya,  He could have left the county , gone to New Zealand or changed his name

Deaths are available in each state for different years


NSW to 1983, Victoria to 1985, South australia to 1972, Queensland to about 1983 from memory and tasmania to 1930, Western australia is later but I cannot remember what date - this index for WA is online as is NSW & Queensland


The ancestry.com indexes are not complete & many records are missing


Did he come out here with his parents or on his own?

I found some KOLOSKO listed in south australia which mentioned a Jan but not sure if they are him or not

If you put the surname into this search you will find the listing - do an exact surname search to narrow it down


also found two deaths in West Terrace cemetery - Adelaide for a Michael & Maria KOLOSKO




He came on his own. In 1943 during WW2  as 19 y.o. he was taken to work to Germany from Belarus, then after WW2 he decided not to return , then in 1949  from Italy he sailed on the ship to Australia to Melbourn and naturelized in 1960. except eyewitness who were taken with him to work to Germany and then back, there are no any news and massages from him. and in 1960 he was singl


Thank you, Elizabeth!

This Jan are not him , Michael i Maria with little son Jan came to Australia in 1950 and lived in Adelaida, I'm in contact with this Jan and his family.  How could I check if he leaved Australia? Is it possible?


Yuliya,  I didn't think it was him because of the dates but you never know do you?


I know some passenger records are available on Ancestry for people leaving the country - do you have a subscription?

I don't have access to passengers leaving the country for those later dates

I wonder if Find my Past Immigration may have a record?  You can search for free but need to pay to get the full record if you find him

How did he get to be your grandfather if no one knows what happened to him?

Do you think he married later on?  Sorry I am a bit confused

I have found his ship of arrival but you probably already have this record




Elizabeth, I have a subscription on Ancestry, I will try to check. but I never used  Find my Past. Thank you.

To be quite accurate, JAN KOLOSKO is the brother of my partner's grandfather (Tadeusz Kolosko), in the tradition of the Slavs (Poles, Ukrainians, Belarusians) -grandfather's brother is also called "grandfather". All information we have is from eyewitness who were taken with him to work to Germany and then back and from naturalization papers. 

in electoral roll 1968 we can see, that many people are in couple - the same surnames or male and female on the same adress, Jan Kolosko was one with that surname, so It seems to me he was not married in 1968, he was 44. now I'm trying to understand wich country he possibly left :)

Thank you, Elizabeth one's more, we are still hoping to find him.



Yuliya,   There is a Jan KOLOSKO showing up in victorian electoral rolls in 1963 and 1968 and they he seems to disappear under that name


There are some KOLOSKO showing up in south australian records who might be connected - South australian electoral rolls do not show up on Ancestry




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