does this mean the record is only what i see on the screen. why hasnt it benn


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In short, the Archives doesn't proactively examine all records that enter the open period, this is normally only done when a request for access is received from a member of the public. A request to have a record examined for public release can be submitted by registered users by clicking on the 'Request copy' link shown on the item entry in Recordsearch.

More information on access to records held by the National Archives can be found at


NAA staff

Hi Michael,  I have also found a record I am interested in but it is open..  I have clicked the request  a copy link and it wants to charge me $69 for it.

The search result list has very little information and the name I am looking for is a very common one so I can not be sure this person is a relative or not.

I don't mind paying for the correct record but is there any way to get additional identifying information without actually paying for it and finding it is not the person I was looking for?

The item number is 1227682




The record you have cited relates to Carmel Galea. The only other information I can pass on is that the record relates to her migration to Australia. The date range shown on the record suggests this migration took place between 1952 and 1965. This might help to determine whether the record is relevant to your research.

Yours sincerely


Thanks Michael,

But that's the problem.  Carmel is a Maltese mans name and reasonably common. Given that not all your records are yet examined or listed it is very risky to pay the  $69 to purchase the record.  I don't suppose you give refunds?

Even a birth year would help exclude him or encourage me to purchase.




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