My father, Eric Kirby, was stationed at Noonkambah Air Base about 1942-43. This base was west of Fitzroy Crossing. Can anyone help me with any information of what they were there for. I believe  Liberator Aircraft were there so I assume US Airforce was much involved. I would appreciate any information whatsoever.

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Hello Margaret,

I can't help you with Noonkambah air base as such but it may well be similar to Corunna Downs airfield situated about 16km SW of Marble Bar.  An uncle of mine spent some of his RAAF service at Corunna Downs between 1943-45.  Corunna was established secretly as a forward base from which to launch bombing missions against the Japanese in Indonesia and the Philippines.  Liberators of the US Air Force's 380th Bomber Group (often manned by Australian crew) and 25 Squadron, RAAF, carried out these missions.  Apparently part of the rationale for the location of Corunna (and probably Noonkambah) was that it was unknown to the Japanese and beyond the range of carrier based aircraft.



John Leipold

John thank you for replying to my email as every little bit of information is very welcome.


Last year I travelled around Australia in my motorhome and I was astounded that there were so many airfields in NT and WA, especially just off the Sturt Highway. When I drove to what I believe was the entrance gate to Noonkombah Station (aboriginal land) I was disappointed that there was no sign regarding the airbase as there were at some others. So I will just have to keep searching the internet and if no success I will take a trip to Canberra.


Once again thank you John

Regards Meg Cahill


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