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I'm looking for records that may show some info regarding my Dad's time in New Guinea as a signalman during WW2. I have looked into records at the War Memorial, Canberra and have been told that the diaries of his particular regiment have been misplaced/lost!! I felt I didn't want to leave it at that, there must be something out there somewhere?? Well I hope so anyway!! I'm writing a book and would very much like to find out more. I guess my question is... would this site be able to help me and does it contain different info to other government sites?

Thanks for reading and I would appreciate any advice received, Liz :)

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Elizabeth,   If you get a copy of his service record that would have more information that might help

If his record is not online already you can request a copy via Record Search but there is a fee involved

What sort of information are you looking for in particular?  What regiment was he in?

Link for the NAA Record Search




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