I have tried unsuccesfully several times to find an individual birth record. It seems to me such records are not available as I'm given no choice as to which type of record I wish to search, the NAA site is very confusing to use with not being able to enter enough details to find an individual i.e. putting in one name, no sutitable choise of record to search and getting a useless list of names which have nothing to do with my request. If the site was like Ancestry.com site it would be much easer. Even when I enter a Sirname I cannot get what I'm looking for. Please give us a better way to make enteries with extra details.

Sam Grayson

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Hi Sam

I am sorry you have experienced frustration trying to find records using our online collection database, RecordSearch.  Unfortunately, the types of records you are looking for are not held by the National Archives of Australia.  Records of births, deaths and marriages are held by the births deaths and marriages registries in each state and territory – links to each registry’s homepage can be found at http://australia.gov.au/topics/law-and-justice/births-deaths-and-ma....

Our RecordSearch database is different from a site like ancestry.com in that we only list records that are held in our collection.  Ancestry.com, for example is a site where you can access information that is held by many different archives and libraries around the world.  Also, their only focus is records about individuals. 

We introduced our NameSearch screen within RecordSearch to try and help researchers like yourself to find records in our collection (click on the green ‘NameSearch’ tab when you enter RecordSearch).  In this screen we gave researchers the option to search simply using name and a category of records to try and help them to easily find information about people, because the broad nature of our collection (which contains not only records about individuals but also the operations of the Commonwealth government) makes it difficult for researchers to find records and narrow down their search. 

In addition, the National Archives has approximately 50 million items in its collection, and only about 20 percent of these items have been indexed in RecordSearch.  It is always worth getting in touch with our National Reference Service if you are having problems finding a record, as it may not have been indexed yet.  If you submit a reference inquiry using one of our online forms at http://www.naa.gov.au/collection/using/askquestion/index.aspx, one of our reference officers will make a search of the records on your behalf.

Thank you for your feedback, we are always trying to find ways of making our records more accessible, and I will pass your feedback on.

Kind regards


(NAA staff)

Thanks Tonia for the info, I have tried, basic search, Advanced search and Name search to no avail, As far as 

I can see your site is too simple to be able to access any information, and if a person requests information you do not have then please tell us so we will not waist a lot if time looking, I have spent many frustrating hours searching in vain, now I know why. Sam

Sam, If you give what state in Australia you want  Birth records from and the names of the people  I can help you

Best Wishes  Larraine Home

  Hello Sam,  I have just read your other replies   the Marriage Certificate of your Jean will tell you where and when she was born and her parents names  and you can then start backwards  if you are having trouble you wil have to post here Jean's parents names and I will give you some help

Cheers  Larraine Home


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