My family and I arrived (as 'five pound Poms') in Melbourne in October, 1963 on the Sitmar ship, FairSky.

As a 6 year old, I came on my parents' passport.

I am now applying for a passport and I need to get proof of my families arrival, but I can't find them on the passenger list.

Can you please help?

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Dear Sylvia.

Oh, thank you so much.

Not only do I need this for my passport application, but my siblings will be thrilled to see all our names there...

Unfortunately I was informed just yesterday (Monday Sept 4) that my oldest brother (Carl) passed away in Sydney.


Several of us (separately) spent many hours looking online for this record, so we are very grateful to you for helping us.

Kind regards

Terence Mathew

Hi Terence,

My sympathies go out to you. It seems that you and your siblings are still in regular contact, so hopefully that will provide some support and comfort.


It is nice to hear that you were happy with the passenger list. I remember how I felt when many years ago I found my parents emigration papers. It is always such a thrill when you find something of yours or your ancestors history.


rgds, Sylvia

Hi Sylvia,

My oldest sister (Rhonda - Peggy) is into the family history-thing in a big way..

Not so much myself.But (I must say) there was a special feeling I had when I saw that old document. Imagining some poor overworked clerk having to laboriously bash out on some heavy, clunky old Imperial typewriter (probably with several pieces of carbon paper), every single name of all of the 1300+ passengers on board our ship.. To think, that image of all our names from 54 years ago is still there..

It has some kind of romantic wonderment about it..

Cheers and thanks for granting me that experience.

Terence (Robert) Mathew


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