I recently acquired in the U.K. a very fine, woven WW1 Mothers and Widows badge (ribbon).

It is numbered 12466

When trying to research it through the National Achves website to identify the recipient, I have found that -

This number does not fit into any of the digitised number groups allocated to any state here in

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Ian,  The number on the badge may not be the servicemans number and that is why it doesn't show up in the WW1 records here




Hi Elizabeth,

No it is not the servicemans number. It is the number of the badge itself. There are groups of numbers on these badges allocated to the various states and sent out after the war to mothers of the killed. Each state recorded details of to whom the badge was allocated. But number 12466 is missing from the records available. cheers.

Ian,  Maybe one of the two links I posted might give some more information that will help


Elizabeth, I know what the WW1 mothers and widows badge looks like ... I have it.

It is the first one shown in your link. But the point I am trying to make is, that when you open the thousands of files and search in each of the handwritten books recording individual badges at the National archives, the number on my badge (12466) is missing from the records. All the others are there in full detail. Mother, or widow, address, serviceman, unit etc. etc. I am trying to get details on one specific badge.

Maybe I can return it to the family if I can identify them.

Thanks for your good try anyway

Ian,  It would have to be the one you want that is missing from the records - how frustrating

I hope one of the NAA staff can respond but if it is missing from the records I doubt they would have any suggestions

good luck



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