I am trying to find all the WW1 names on our Dowerin war memorial, all 52 of them, to give them some reality for the ANZAC Centenary, and a few are eluding me.  I have an F Phillips on the memorial, the only Phillips that are here now came later, in the 1920s and no relation.  I found a William Charles Phillips on the AIF page, and he was a farmer in Dowerin, but he doesn't seem to appear anywhere else, doesn't even have a service record, and he came home.  Does anyone have any suggestions?  I tried the local paper for the time, but it was very reluctant to actually name anyone who might have died.  Exciting stuff though.

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Diane,  William Charles PHILLIPS is listed under record search on this site (www.naa.gov.au)

his entlistment number says 253 where it says 252 on the AIF record

I know several people who are taking on the same task as you and they have found that often there

are errors on these memorials regarding initials & spelling of surnames and there are also omissions



Thank you Elizabeth, I found William Charles Phillips this morning thanks to your link, I know this sounds crazy but there were no W Phillips yesterday!  Perhaps there was a problem with the connection.  I suspect in some cases, as today, people were never actually called by their real names, so if there was no family to oversee the inscription, they did the best they could.  Again, thank you, I will continue on.

Diane,  You might be looking in the wrong war for this F PHILLIPS

I found this site about the Dowerin war memorial and it says it also listed some in WW2 and Korea as well


It's a wonderful project to take on to record more information on these soldiers


I am working on a similar project at the moment for WW1 soldiers (RSL site)



Thank you Elizabeth.  Because the district was huge until 1923 there are lots of names for World War I and hardly any for the later wars when new shires had been created.  I will keep hunting the Phillips family.  In the meantime I am looking for RUTH VICTORIA JONES, there is some information on the web on her, and I notice some of it is posted by someone I can go and ask, she lives round the corner from me.  But she was a nurse in WWI and there only seems to be page 1 of her record available.  Do you know if the nurses war records have been digitised?  Maybe that is all there is.

Good luck with the RSL site, I imagine that is a big project, my little memorial is creating enough headaches!

Diane,  Sorry I don't know how much info is available on the nurses but someone may be able to assist you


If you dont have any luck with Ruth Victoria JONES I can check for you



Thanks Elizabeth, I will pop round and talk to Lesley Jones and see what I can find out there.


There are 33 pages for Ruth Victoria JONES' service record




oh thank you Debra, I don't know why I couldn't do that yesterday, but the naa site wouldn't give me a digital record at all and the Discovering ANZACS site refused to go past page 1.  Fantastic.  Thank you again.


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