McIntyre b. 1840 County Cavan, Ireland / married 1862 St. Kilda, Victoria

IIn StHello!

i’ve been Trying to locate my gg grandparents and have searched on Ancestry, MyHeritage, Family Search, roots Ireland and now here.

i know he was born in County Cavan, Ireland abt 1840, parents Peter McIntyre and Fanny Donnelly ( as stated on his marriage certificate).

He I migrated to Australia between 1840 and 1862 and married Mary Anne Morris b. 1841 (parents Charles Morris and Eliza Webster) in St Francis Church of Melbourne on October 21, 1862.

Their three children were born in St Kilda and the children “were brought over when very young” as per ancestor notes. Stephen and Mary Anne were also divorced at some point, it’s unknown if this was in Australia or after coming to America. 

I cant locate Stephen on passenger lists arriving to Australia or leaving a Ireland/England. I also can’t locate the family leaving Australia for America using a wide date range.

children (born in Australia): 

Evelyne Cecilia McIntyre  b. 1863

William James McIntyre  b. 1868

Frances (Fanny) Marguerieta McIntyre b. 1866 (married in Boston 1886)

I’m really stumped as to where to look next.

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There are many limitations to the records you are looking for.

There are no survivng records for passengers leaving the UK before 1890 - they simply do not exist anymore.

Passenger arrival records for the 1800s are kept separately for each State in the country and have varying degrees of survival with many voyages not surviving at all.  Most of the lists which have names recorded are for those people who arrived under an immigration scheme, and many of those who paid their own way instead are often not individually named (the manifest will just state x number of passengers), or they will appear as just Mr/Mrs/Miss or Master. 

The only outbound passenger lists that have been indexed are those leaving Victoria and most of those are for voyages to the UK, NZ and interstate and again these people will often be listed as just Mr/Mrs etc.

I see that the children are not helpful at all with their census responses in the US.  Frances says she arrived in 1873 on one, didn't answer the question on another, and another says she was born in New York.  She also gave an incorrect name for her mother when she married which might suggest that she did not know her very well.    William says he arrived in 1880 on one, responded incorrectly on another by giving his approx year of birth instead, and twice said he was born in California. 

What was Stephen's occupation?

Here is his baptism (right hand page):

Diocese of Kilmore | County of Cavan
Variant forms of parish name:

18 Sep 1842

Baptised Stephen son of Peter McEnteer(?) and Fanny Donnelly - sponsors James McBreen and Bridget Reiley

If he was baby then he is a little younger than you thought.

A sister Eliza (right hand page):

25 Jan 1838

Sponsors Stephen and Bessy Donnelly

A sister Fanny:

9 March 1845

Sponsors James McEnteer and Anne McPhillips

That is all I can see at the moment but you should just go through page by page to see if you can make some other family connections.

You might also like to look at Rootsireland to see if they have any earlier Catholic events for this parish, otherwise it might be the end of the road.


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