Would anyone know where I could find the burial records of The Church of England Perth Tasmania.

I am researching the McEnnulty's and both John Joseph and his wife Mary Ann are buried there but in an unmarked grave.

Any info on ( John McEnnulty ) or advice would be greatly appreciated.

I have not been able to find John arriving in Tasmania.


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Gwendoline,  I found these two threads which appear to be about the same person you are enquiring about

I can check tasmanian BDM records for you if needed & also tasmanian convict records




this cemetery site may help but I suspect it is under another spelling of his surname if it is listed



Hi Gwendoline,

I have previously been involved with research on this family (and very interesting they are too!) but I don't recall anyone finding a good match for John's origins.

Elizabeth has given the link for the Midlands Council who should hold the burial records relating to plot number etc., but I fear that those early records may not have survived.  May I ask why you think he was buried as Church of England when the family were Catholic? 

Many Church registers have been filmed by Tas. Archives and here are some links for both Catholic and C of E, bearing in mind that they will not give a grave position if that is what you are after.  I think you would be looking for registers maintained by the Longford circuit parish priest.

Have a search here http://search.archives.tas.gov.au/default.aspx?search=1 with the keywords - church registers - and click on the number in the 'identifier' column for more info.

Some online documents in case you don't have them for John's death reg. and their marriage:





Hi Debra, don't know if you are still researching the McEnnulty tree. My main source of info has been the living granddaughter of George West and Mary Jane McEnnulty. She has been doing the McEnnulty tree for some number of years ( all the hard way - not online when she started ) She knows that John Joseph Mcennulty ( along with a lot of other family knowledge ) left Catholic Church because he would not pay the amount requested and said he was not going to forced into being told what he needed to pay. Ann

Gwendoline   If he was a convict as suggested then the tasmanian convicts are now online but some records are difficult to read


There is another site which has transcribed these records but he may possibly be under another spelling of his surname


I don't want to double up with info that has already been researched but can check tasmanian records if needed



Hi Elizabeth,

I don't now believe John  ( Joseph ) McEnnulty was a convict. With his great-granddaughter ( Clare ) I have searched for this man and have not found him coming into Tasmania. Maybe he came in with an unwed mother ?He apparently wasn't born here as he had a broad accent - stories are he was Irish but Clare's DNA shows little Irish so was he ( Scottish ) ? We have and are still looking. Clare remembers lots of her families stories some she has proven to be correct - some have been embellished but always some truth when you sift through it. WE ARE STILL LOOKING

Gwendoline,  What made you change you mind about him possibly being a convict?

There are so many spelling errors with his surname in the Tasmanian Pioneers BDM

Digger - Tasmanian Pioneer Index 1803-1899

Given Names: MARY ANN
Event: Marriage
Father/Spouse Surname: MCENNULTY
Mother/Spouse Given Names: JOHN
Day: 31
Month: 10
Year: 1859
Age: 29
Sex: F
Spouse Age: 32
Spouse Sex: M
Registration Place: LAUNCESTON
Registration Number: 539/1859
Reference: RGD 37

some of their childrens births are under

the most common one is McENNULTY but no idea if it is correct

certainly sounds Irish

Are you only looking for their immigration?  If not a convict it is also possible he arrived via another state

so if the age of 32 on his marriage is correct he was born c. 1827


Gwendoline,  I know this is a long shot but a possible arrival

This is one possibility - this man was born in CALIFORNIA and was a Shoe Maker - he would very likely have a broad accent?

John McNulty in the New South Wales, Australia, Unassisted Immigrant Passenger Lists, 1826-1922
Name: John McNulty
Estimated Birth Year: abt 1827
Age: 27
Port of Departure: Callao
Port of Arrival: Sydney, New South Wales
Voyage Arrival Date: 20 Dec 1854
Vessel Name: Vernon



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