I am looking for people who were at Mareeba Air Field between 1942 - 1945.

Plus photographs from that region in that period.

Plus stories from anyone who was there

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Hi Peter

The following might be helpful if you have not already tried them:

PictureAustralia (www.pictureaustralia.org which is hosted by the National Library), using keywords such as Mareeba; Mareeba airfield; Mareeba aerodrome; Mareeba RAAF; Mareeba airport; Mareeba airstrip

Australian War Memorial site (searching the collection using an advanced search so you can include pictures) searching on Mareeba

We do have files on Mareeba which you can find by searching on the Advanced search item screen using keywords such as Mareeba airfield; Mareeba aerodrome; Mareeba RAAF; Mareeba airport; Mareeba airstrip




Thanks Hilery, Yes I have found Picture Australia and I found photos there that I cound not get any where else - it's a great resource. I was trying to get some first hand accounts on the airfield. I really want to drill down to get the feel of the time and place but can't locate anyone who was there.



Hi Peter

I'm probably stating the obvious here but time is the problem - I have struck the same roadblock in my own efforts to find people with first hand experience of WW2 events. The youngest veteran is around 85; most are 90 are more. Unless you are very lucky it is almost impossible to find someone who knows about a specific place or event because most of them are deceased or sadly, suffering dementia. I struck it lucky just once when I located a bloke who served for 9 months at Iron Range and, even better, he had a couple of photos. 

Good luck.

I have located a former pilot from 100 Sqn but he joined the squadron after it left Mareeba. He was able to give me some amazing stories about the Beaufort and about the training (or lack of it) he received though. My best bet now will be to try to lacate people who were kids in 1942, they may have some recollections or remember stories from their parents. Every little bit helps - throw nothing away. 


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