Hello everyone!

I'm doing research on my great grandfather who came to Australia with his brother 'round 1870 during/after the Prussian wars.

I'd like to know where to strart to find ship manifests from 1865 to 1880.

All help will be appreciated.


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Hi Roy,

There is no easy answer for these older immigrations without knowing more details. Do you want to share your ancestor's (including the brother's) details e.g. name, (approx) birth year, place of birth and/or last residence etc and where they first resided in Australia?


Many thanks Sylvia for your interest.

The surname is Sprenger (spelt with an "e").

My grandfather's first names were August Rudolph, died 12/03/1966 in Brisbane,

possibly born 13/05/1888.

Mother Friedericka Louise Feldham
Father: Gottfried Sprenger

From my current research he probably had several brothers in fact and at least one sister.

They came to Australia between 1866 and 1875 from Germany near the eastern border.

I found a Gottfried born in 1867 in Q'ld so could be the first brother.

I think they all lived in Q'ld.

Thanks again. Any tips would be welcome.


Hi Roy,

Neither the Queensland Archives nor the NAA seem to have their arrival passenger list … Most likely it has gone missing or was damaged at some stage.

However, I can give you their departure passenger list that would have had more info anyway:

Gottfried SPRENGER, a “landmann” (farmer) departs Hamburg on 22 Oct 1864. His ship is the “Beausite” and its destination is Moreton Bay.
With him are 2 females, Frederike and baby Justine. Previously Gottfried had resided in Güstow, Preußen.
Image: https://www.familysearch.org/ark:/61903/3:1:3Q9M-CSZ1-JN9H?i=337 (bottom right)
(If you haven’t done so yet, it is free to sign up to Family Search … FYI Pay site Ancestry has this passenger list too, but the FS version is much better)
Their Queensland arrival occurred on 6 Feb 1865. There are various stories re the Beausite in the newspapers e.g. https://trove.nla.gov.au/newspaper/article/75512946?searchTerm=Beau...
Note: In March 1866 the couple will have a daughter in Queensland, so this passenger list fits quite nicely.

FYI there seem to have been 2 options for Güstow , Preußen:
#1 - Güstow, Randow, Stettin, Pommern, Preußen (currently “Ustowo” in Zachodnio-Pomorskie, Poland)
#2 - Güstow, Prenzlau, Potsdam, Brandenburg, Preußen

But fortunately there is a Lutheran baptism for Justine. It confirms that it is the #2 Güstow that is currently still located in Germany:
Deutschland, Preußen, Brandenburg und Posen, Kirchenbuchduplikate, 1794-1874
Name: Wilhelmine Ernestine Justine Sprenger
Sex: Female
Christening Date: 31 May 1863
Christening Place (Original): Güstow, Brandenburg, Preußen, Germany
Religion: Evangelische
Father's Name: Gottfried Sprenger
Mother's Name: Friederike Luise Feldhahn
Image: https://www.familysearch.org/ark:/61903/3:1:S3HY-DCNW-41Z?i=21
Also, their 1863 marriage: https://www.familysearch.org/ark:/61903/1:1:JQ96-F8F   

And something weird:
A Feb 1866 baptism of a daughter Auguste Wilhelmine Maria Friederike SPRENGER in Güstow: https://www.familysearch.org/ark:/61903/1:1:JQ96-VZR … (A bit strange because in March 1866 daughter Friederica Louisa’s birth was being registered in Queensland). I wonder whether this could be Auguste’s 1866 death, but with a different father?: https://www.familysearch.org/ark:/61903/1:1:JQ96-LWB



Now I have to trace his brother who came also to Australia.

I'll check his details first.


This one?

6 Sep 1865 (7 months after Gottfried’s arrival) - arrival of the Susanne Godeffroy with the following Sprenger family:
Johann 40y
Wilhelmine 36y
Auguste 14y
Christian 10y
Ernestine 12y
PDF: https://www.archivessearch.qld.gov.au/api/download_file/DR39296  (second image = page #63)
Departure from Hannover: https://www.familysearch.org/ark:/61903/3:1:3Q9M-CSG9-JWXT?i=125 (#209-213)
Occupation: I believe that it says “maurer” i.e. a mason or a bricklayer.
Residence: Blankenburg - Unfortunately there are a few places with that name! It seems that Gottfried might have been baptized in Lützlow, Angermünde, Brandenburg (see: https://familysearch.org/ark:/61903/1:1:J48B-FRV) and one of the Blankenburgs was located in  Angermünde, Potsdam, Brandenburg, Preussen.

Many thanks once again,Sylvia

I've discovered so much already, must put some order in all this information.



Hello Sylvia,

Thanks again for your help.

I have the two brothers now and most of their children.

Now I'm trying to go back to their father - probably Yohann Sprenger

but it looks like I'll need Ancestry. This time I'll be looking at connections exclusively in/from Germany. It's quite exciting and really rewarding to trace the family back to the 1800s



Many, many thanks for all these details, Sylvia.
I'll take some time to digest all this.
Kind regards,


Hi Roy

I had a look at Ancestry and unfortunately I don’t think that you will get much further here …

FYI There is a family tree on Ancestry that seems okay until you look at things a bit closer and wonder what the sources would have been.

Some of the issues:

I was able to find 7 children for Johan sr, just like the owner of that tree, but I have a different name for the daughter b 1837.

They have linked Johan sr to a family from Crivitz, most likely because many sources of baptisms are not freely available and the 1819 Mecklenburg census just happens to have a Johan that seems to fit.
It is possible that it is correct, but without a marriage or death for Johan that confirms his DOB and POB, there is no guarantee.
This is that family in 1819:

1819 Mecklenburg Census
Ort / Kirchspiel           Crivitz, Stadt / Crivitz, Kirchspiel
Name   Carl Sprenger  Geburtsdatum / Alter  12 JAN 1778 / [41]
Beruf/Tätigkeit / Zusatz / Status         Fischer / - / -   
Geburtsort / -kirchspiel / Konfession  Crivitz / Crivitz / Lutherisch
Geschlecht / Familienstand / Ehen      / verheiratet / -

Name   Elisabeth Sprenger      Geburtsdatum / Alter  10 JAN 1784 / [35]
Beruf/Tätigkeit / Zusatz / Status         - / - / dessen Frau        
Geburtsort / -kirchspiel / Konfession  unbekannt / unbekannt / Lutherisch
Geschlecht / Familienstand / Ehen      / verheiratet / -

Name   Johann Sprenger       Geburtsdatum / Alter  14 SEP 1803 / [16]
Beruf/Tätigkeit / Zusatz / Status         - / - / dessen Sohn       
Geburtsort / -kirchspiel / Konfession  Crivitz / Crivitz / Lutherisch

Name   Joachim Sprenger        Geburtsdatum / Alter  13 SEP 1806 / [13]
Beruf/Tätigkeit / Zusatz / Status         - / - / dessen Sohn       
Geburtsort / -kirchspiel / Konfession  Crivitz / Crivitz / Lutherisch

Name   Carl Sprenger  Geburtsdatum / Alter  21 JUN 1810 / [9]
Beruf/Tätigkeit / Zusatz / Status         - / - / dessen Sohn       
Geburtsort / -kirchspiel / Konfession  Crivitz / Crivitz / Lutherisch

Name   Christoph Sprenger     Geburtsdatum / Alter  07 SEP 1813 / [6]
Beruf/Tätigkeit / Zusatz / Status         - / - / dessen Sohn       
Geburtsort / -kirchspiel / Konfession  Crivitz / Crivitz / Lutherisch

Name   Christian Sprenger      Geburtsdatum / Alter  27 JUN 1815 / [4]
Beruf/Tätigkeit / Zusatz / Status         - / - / dessen Sohn       
Geburtsort / -kirchspiel / Konfession  Crivitz / Crivitz / Lutherisch

Name   Wilhelm Sprenger       Geburtsdatum / Alter  22 NOV 1818 / [1]
Beruf/Tätigkeit / Zusatz / Status         - / - / dessen Sohn       
Geburtsort / -kirchspiel / Konfession  Crivitz / Crivitz / Lutherisch
(source: http://www.akvz.de)

The tree mentions that Johan died on 11 Dec 1862 in Brandenburg, but I believe that that guy might be someone else. The following is the person they are referring to:

Deutschland, Preußen, Brandenburg und Posen, Kirchenbuchduplikate, 1794-1874
Name: Johann Daniel Sprenger => Daniel? Not Salomon?
Age: 63
Death Date: 11 Dec 1862
Death Place: Blankenburg, Blankenburg, Langensalza, Sachsen, Preußen, Deutschland -> !! should be Kreis Angermünde
Death Place (Original): Blankenburg, Brandenburg, Preussen, Germany
Birth Year (Estimated): 1799 => 4 years earlier than that guy in the 1819 Census
Religion: Evangelische
Image: https://www.familysearch.org/ark:/61903/3:1:S3HT-DCS3-HVH?i=49 => Look at the Children

The Tree mentions a marriage for Johan sr and Dorothea in “Sankt Nikolai, Prenzlau” (FYI I believe Sankt Nikolai is the name of a church). No complete date and no source, so where does this info come from?

Finally, if you want to find more stuff, you might need to to become a member of the paysite archion.de. I like doing everything on a shoestring, but unfortunately certain parish registers seem to be only available via this site. I’m not a member so I can’t help you with this.


Many thanks once again Sylvia.

I'll look into all this. So much info.

Not sure where to look exactly on this site you mentioned:




Click on "Datenbank" on the left hand side.

It  mainly covers the areas of former duchies of Schleswig, Holstein and Lauenburg, the principality of Lübeck; and the grand duchy of Mecklenburg-Schwerin and is added to by volunteers. It just happens to have a transcript for that 1819 census. Ancestry has the actual census images, but this transcript site is a nice alternative, if you are not a paying Ancestry subscriber and cannot be bothered to go to your local library.

BTW do you want the FS links for all of Johan sr's children?

FYI only: I saw that a female Sprenger left Prenzlau in 1871. Her destination was Quensland as well, but her father was Christiaan Sprenger.  You'd think that there is a fair chance that he would have been related to Johan i.e. a brother or a cousin. ...

Hello Sylvia!

Thanks for the details;

I certainly would appreciate the FS links for Johan's children.

Interesting about the female sprenger who left in 1871.

I was always told that only two brothers came to Q'ld.




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