Hello I know that my Grand uncle emigrated to Australia in the early twenties, it is possible that he used his brothers name Eugene. Both of them were born in Belfast N.Ireland at the turn of the century, I have information that Eugene live in England during the fifties and a clue of a postcard entitled Geelong Australia.. Is there any family on the forum that can help me, as it would be great to know what happened to Maurice whom I am named after thanks.    

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Hi Maurice,

I can't find any evidence of this man in Australia.  His age on the 1911 Irish census gives an approx birth year of 1903 and I can see a death registered at Stepney in London in 1960 for a man born around 1900.  It is indexed as both MARKIE and MARKEY which indicates that both names are mentioned on the death cert.

Was he abducted by the Sinn Fein in 1921?

What does the postcard say?

Yes Debra he was abducted in 1921 and lived at 15 Annette Street Belfast at that time. His sister and family searched for him until her death in 1959. As for the postcard it belongs to my cousin and it was sent to his mother in 2001 from Geelong, in the message it said that they had just visited Maurice and his family although that would make him a hundred years old maybe it was his son. The unfortunate thing is that all the people involved with the card are now dead themselves.  The London clue sounds interesting, and I want to thank you for the very gracious help that you have provided. As another clue I can let you see this link:    http://www.genesreunited.co.uk/boards/board/trying_to_find/markie/t...         Unfortunately Linda Gray never got back to me.  


Hi Maurice just saw your notice.and my information I feel could be of help.
My mothers father was Eugene Markie from Cromac Antrim Northern Ireland and he had a brother about 12 years his junior named MORRIS a different spelling to yours. My grandfather was named after his father(Eugene) and his mother was named Mary who my mother was named after.
There was also Ellen,Charles John and Maude and MORRIS being the youngest born about 1903.
Now this might interest yo,u there also was a daughter Sarah Anne Pinkey (née Markie) who was seven years older than my grandfather.
and she had a son Thomas James Pinkey.
Maybe one of us has the wrong spelling of his name but the records I checked spell it MORRIS,now another thing I found that Maude Markie married name of Cummings had sons Maurice and Eugene .
Also LINDA Gray I my. Sister but I don't what she has told you anyhow hope this of some help.
Yours sincerely CHRIS SKELLY.
You can mail me on chrisskelly26@hotmail.com if you need to.

Hello Maurice D. Uncle agent.

i have remembered something else Maurice Cummings was married to Alice Cummings.

they live in Geelong and she passed away last year at the age of 85 and is buried in Geelong.

i also feel Maurice is buried there in Geelong.

i met them both when I was young in 1962 and my mother Mary Skelly née Markie introduced him as her cousin.


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