Dear. My grandfather who died long before my birth, had brother who emigrated before Second World War in Australia, his name was Petar Pavlicic. His original country was Kingdom of Yugoslavia, he was born in today Montenegro, village Gorica. He married later but we don't know name of his wife, but we know name of their child, son Milos. Milos had 3 sons, Pavla, Petar and Filip, or in English Paul, Peter and Filip-Philip. Petar Pavlicic who emigrated to Australia was born in 1897 and lived until 80-s. So please help me with my search of lost family, I need directions and instructions from what place I can start my search of him and his family. We know that he lived in Melbourne.

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Were his parents called “Marco” and “Hanna”?

Parents of Petar Pavlicic where called Marko and Stana, its original form of names in Serbian language , name Marko is natural version of English version of name Marco, but name Stana is original Slavic name without variations in English so keeper of documentation might needed to adjust name to Hanna or it could possibly be that he have heard name in that way . So Marco and Hanna could very possibly be English variations of those names.

Grandfather have passed away during 80-s, and we would like to get in touch with his son and grandchildren, so any information would be of great help and appreciation from me and my family.

Here is a start. Some of the details (death year, name son) are different from yours, but I do believe that this has to be your guy:

Peter Marco PAVLICICH (PETERS) born 1897 Monte Negro,
Died 1965 Melbourne VIC (there is 1 death record for surname PAVLICICH and 1 death record for surname PETERS, but both are for #21779),
Cremated 20 Sep 1965 Springvale Crematorium
Son of Marco and Hanna
Naturalization 1941:
Occupation (1949, 1954): Confectioner
Residence: Petar seems to have resided in the south eastern suburbs of Melbourne: e.g. Prahran, Elsternwick, St Kilda
Marriage: 1925 Victoria to Edythe/Edith DAVIDSON

Edith PETERS is still alive in 1980 and living in Prahran.
A Possibility for Edith (but I can’t be 100% certain): There is an Edith PETERS who was born 30 Sep 1906 and who died 19 Ooct 1999 (Cremated 26 Oct 1999 Springvale Crematorium)

Their son:
Peter Dushan PAVLICICH/PETERS born 27 Sep 1925 Windsor VIC,
Died 1 July 1995, Cremated 6 July 1995 Springvale Crematorium
He fought in WW2:
In 1949, he changes his surname officially:
Occupation: Clerk

Residence: In the 60's and 70's he lives in Brighton
Between 1955 and 1963, he gets together with Halyna (Helen). I suspect that she dies abt 1997/1998.

I am very grateful for given information and in such exact and lengthy amount. Endless thanks. At the beginning of 20 century our family practically have fallen apart, almost totally, Two brothers of my grandfather emigrated to Argentina, Petar Pavlicic to Australia, and two more brothers emigrated to Serbia. Information presented by you are very valuable to me as I would never be able to find them alone. I know that you have already helped me a lot, but please can you help me bit further about Peter Dushan(I have confirmed that he is our cousin, as that name is familiar in our family) did Peter had any children and if we can find out where they live so we can try and contact them. I am deeply sorry if I asked for to much, but we are full of hope that we can contact our long lost family. And one more BIG THANKS.

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