Hello all,

 I m having trouble finding the full enlistment paper work for some family members who enlisted.

 1 is the grandfather of my husband....

Maurice Alexander Scott.. Gunner N303372.. I d be grateful for any help..

Thank you

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The Record status is Not yet examined, but because Maurice is most likely deceased the NAA should be able to scan it for a fee (abt $36) via "request copy' on http://www.naa.gov.au/go.aspx?i=6189761

What happened to accessing the enlistment papers for free??

Thank you for your answer

Access is free once they are online, but you'll have to pay for scanning if they are not online yet.

If you don't want to spend money:

- You could sit back until the NAA puts them online one day, but that could take a while.

- The file might be available if you personally visit the archives in Canberra (you'd have to check this)

On a positive note: a little while ago the fee was about double!

Thank you for you help.. I understand now :-)... Sorry. As I have just about every one else. Only a few I haven t got.....I suppose I can wait a bit longer. Go onto something else.


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