My brother Colin Murchie was born 24/4/1937 to Dorothy Snow and adopted by James and Maggie Murchie. They lived in South Australia for a few years then moved to NSW. James was born in Durbin South Africa. I cannot find any trace of the family in Australia after 1949.
Colin died in Kimberly Norther Cape South Africa on 14/1/2000.
I would like to know when and how they left Australia and did they go to South Africa. According to one record he had a wife, Adelaide Mary King.
Did they gave children?
Where and when did they marry?
I cannot find any record of James and Maggie Murchie after 1949. Any help would be very much appreciated.

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James Murchie b 5 Jul 1891 Durban (NAA records) or 1886 (death record), d 15 Aug 1957 Pretoria

first wife: Emily Wilson d abt 1924

second wife: Magdalena Johanna van Aardt (still alive in 1957)



Alexander Murchie

James Allan Murchie

Sheena Murchie

Colin Murchie



- Colin’s wife was definitely called Adelaide Mary King. At the time of Colin’s probate, she was still alive and living in Labram (Kimberly)

- One or more of the children of James’ first marriage could have stayed in Australia: There was a James Allan Murchie “late of Padstow Heights” who passed away on 19 January 1995, Aged 76 years:  There is an Annette Murchie who could be his daughter:

- Finally, James Murchie’s probate:




Daughter Sheena had stayed in Australia as well:


South Australian Marriages, Registrations 1917-1937


Given names: Cyril George


Given names: Sheena Agnes

Date: 1932-06-07

Groom Age: 25

Status: S

Groom's Father: George Edgar SAUNDERS

Bride Age: 20

Status: S

Bride's Father: James MURCHIE

Place: Registry Office Adelaide

District: Ade

Symbol: S

Book/Page: 332/211


“Sheena Agnes Saunders (Murchie)” born 10/04/1914, died 13/01/2000 and was cremated at Altona Memorial Park (VIC)


Thankyou Sylvia for that info. How could I find out when James Murchie (born 1891) arrived in Australia and when they went to South Africa.
I am trying to find out about Colin's movements. He being adopted by James in 1937 and James dying in South Africa in 1957. Did Colin have children. I have found it very hard using the South African records. Any suggestions would be muchly appreciated. 6 children were adopted out by Dorothy Snow and we have either had contact with 5 or have their information. Colin is the elusive one! Di


I don't think there is much more to find online. This is the exact reason why I gave you information re the wider family as from this point onward you'll need to start contacting possible family members for more information.

- The ancestry link I had given previously contains the email address (2014) for Annette Murchie (James Murchie's granddaughter)

- Colin's place of death was the Strand, so there is a fair chance that these are his widows current contact details:


Hi Dianne

I've been posting this everywhere I can in the hope that you will see it.

Colin Murchie was my father-in-law.  He passed away suddenly on 14/1/2000 from a coronary thrombosis while he and my mom--in-law, Addie (Adelaide) were on holiday in the Strand.  They were living in Kimberley at the time as Dad was the minister of Trinity Methodist Church.  Mom returned to the Strand after Dad's death and still lives there now.  She is 80.  Dad would've been 80 just over a week ago...  Dad passed away without ever knowing that he was adopted.  Mom doesn't know either, and I'd like to keep it that way, at least for now.  Both James and Maggie Murchie requested that it be kept secret, but his brother Alexander's (Lex) daughter and I know.  She, Dorothy Dodd (nee Murchie) has the letter written by Maggie Murchie just before she died, requesting that it not be made know till 'that generation' had passed on.

Colin and Addie had three sons:  James Frank:  16/08/1962 - 16/10/2006 (my late husband)

                                                Grant Harton:   21/11/1967  and

                                                Francois Colin: 07//02/1969

Francois has three children:        Amber-Leigh Yandle:  02/05/2002 by Sarah Yandle. 

                                                They are currently engaged and live in Wales  and

                                                Donovan and Dominique (twins)  :  07/12/1994

James & I have two:                   Leigh-Ann Michelle:  25/03/1995  and 

                                                Colin:                      09/10/2002

Grant is married to Rochelle, but they have no children as yet.  Francois was married to Carmen Marais, but they have subsequently divorced.

I would love to hear from you as the information you have provided on this forum has proved invaluable.  I would also like to know more about your mom and the rest of your family.


Hi Rhona

Firstly I would like to express my condolences on the death of James.  I knew the Murchies' in the mid seventies when Colin was the minister at Sea Point Methodist church. James and I were very good friends and went to the same school Sea Point Boys High. 

I might have met you, back in 1992/3 which is the last time I saw James. He was living  in the south east of England,  either in Essex or Kent. I was married to Kathy then and living in Barking. James left England shortly after that and he gave me his car, a Lada Niva. 

I am now divorced and living in London, although I will be moving in the very near future.  Due to the divorce and having to split the sale of the house with Kathy I can't afford London anymore. I see Francois is living in Wakes, do you have any contact information for him ? Where are you in the world ? 

If it is not too difficult for you, could you please give me details of James's life and subsequent death after he left England ? He died so young! 

I had heard of Colins' death through Wesley Parker, also a Methodist Minister, and whose father was the Minister at Sea Point before Colin. But he knew nothing of James. 

I hope you and your family are well and wherever you are you are happy. 

Best wishes 


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