trying to locate any family with the name TSAKOU left Greece in 1960's  from katrogia . If  I remember her name was Iouanna Tsakou single with a young son Sotiri.

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Hi Irene

If the family TSAKOU came to Australia on an assisted passage, the National Archives may have their migrant selection documents.  I recommend you submit a reference inquiry using the form at Please provide as much information as possible as this will help us to narrow down our search. You will also need to submit a new inquiry for each person.

The National Archives may also have a record about them if they became naturalised Australians. If you think this may be the case, indicate that you would like the naturalisation records in the reference inquiry form above.  

Please note, the records of the National Archives are only publicly available when the reach the open access period as defined by the Archives Act 1983 (we are currently releasing information that was created in 1983 or earlier). For more information please see  We don't really have any information that might help you to locate this family’s current current whereabouts.

If you know the area in which they settled, you may be able to find their current whereabouts on the electoral roll, however, these are not electronically available for searching - you have to go to an Australian Electoral Commission office.  You may need to find a research agent to help you search.  You may find one able to help on our fact sheet

Best of luck in your search


(NAA staff)


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