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I am looking for the link for a member of the 1st Battalion the Royal Australian Regiment, 24413 Gerald Leonard Perry TREMAIN. I have looked through Record Search and I have ordered his WWII record, but I can't seem to find a record/link to his Korean service records. Any help would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

Gary Jones

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Gary,  Try the Australian War Memorial - the nominal roll is as follows for his record - his Korean record is probably not online



Certificate of service
He is listed on this medal site no. 722


Hi Elizabeth,

Thanks for your reply. I have found him on the Korean Roll website, and I have found his WWII record and ordered that as well. The issue I am having is that I can't seem to find his Korean Service record on Record Search. Would it be possible that his Korean Service record has been rolled in with his WWII record?


Thank you for your reply and further research areas.


All the best,



Gary,   Sorry I don't know if his Korean record would be included in his WW2 record - if not then I suggest you contact the Australian War Memorial to see if they can help as I am not sure where you would obtain a copy of it  www.awm.gov.au



Gary,   I would also try contacting Army Records/Victoria Barracks in Melbourne as that is where you obtain service records for people who served in the CMF and they probably have Korean war records as well


May be something on this site to help





Hi gary ive also been trying to find info on my grandad and his mate that were kia in korea they were on the same patrol when it happened and also in 1st battalion rar but am having no luck both files have a closed status for some reason with the code 33 (1)(g) have you had any luck with your own search any help would be good thanks jack


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