Can anyone tell me which passenger vessels operated on this route in 1948 - or where I can find this information.  Many thanks

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I have found the details of the record I need, but I cannot fid a way to see a copy of the entry. It is not a complex issue:

Select Series no. Control symbol Item title Date range Digitised item Item barcode
A435 1949/4/4557 GALUSZKA Wladyslaw [aka Terry Hines] - born 27 February 1920 - Polish

Access status: Open Location: Canberra 1949 - 1950 6944831

I just cannot find a way to get the copy so ! can find the arrival date and vessel name. Nothing happens when I press the order a copy button!

Any ideas?

Hello Neville

The file you listed above is the naturalisation file of Wladyslaw Galuszka (aka Terry Hines). You should be able to purchase a copy of the file by clicking on the ‘Request copy’ link on the top right hand side of the Item details page in RecordSearch. Once you click on this link, you should be taken to our e-commerce site where you can pay for the copy (you can choose either digital, photocopy, or both). If you continue to have problems.

Alternatively, you could submit a reference inquiry for the immigration records of the person above using the online form On the form you will have the option to request the type of record you are after (migration selection (if Wladyslaw Galuszka came to Australia under an assisted passage scheme), naturalisation documents, passenger list or all of these). Please provide as much information as possible and it would really help our reference officers if you provide the information from the database that you gave above.

Kind regards

(NAA staff)


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