Hi, I am trying to locate the migration records of my father and his parents. I found the references for my father and grandfather, their documents are located in the Sydney office. But my grandmother's is impossible to find.

I am under the impression my grandparents had a joint visa, as both of their visas in their egyptian passports have identical codes N1970/----- (the code symbol), but clearly they can't share the same series number and code symbol in the RecordSearch database, because it would clash right?

Any help understanding this would be greatly appreciated.


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Hello Aline

Your grandmother may be listed in your grandfather's migration records, or she may have a record that has not yet been listed on RecordSearch.  RecordSearch is similar to a library catalogue, and what you see listed is the same as a title of a book - it is only a reference to an item/book that is sitting on a shelf.  RecordSearch, however, does not list all of the items in the National Archives collection - only a very small proportion of the records we have have been entered on the database (we have over 8.1 million items listed, which we estimate represents no more than 20% of the collection).

You can order digital copies (and/or print copies) of the records that have already been listed on RecordSearch. For information on how to do this see http://forum.naa.gov.au/forum/topics/purchasing-digital-copies-onli.

I recommend you submit a reference inquiry to see if the National Archives can help you to locate any information about your grandmother and any other records we may have abut your family that aren't yet listed on RecordSearch.  Use the online form: http://naa.gov.au/info/forms/imm-inquiry.aspx

Kind regards


(NAA staff)


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