Hi there, 

I'm trying to track down information about my Grandad's service in the second world war. His name was John William Duncan and his service number was 382484 (VX69854) (birth date 16/07/1917). I've been able to track down some basic information on the nominal roll, and apparently his posting at discharge was the 2/1st Australian Railway Company. I've also found out that his place of enlistment was Caulfield, Melbourne, Victoria and his date of enlistment was 29 December 1941. I also discovered he was awarded a British Empire Medal under the rank as Staff Sergeant, in the RAI Unit.

However, aside from this information I can't seem to get any further, and can't seem to track down his service record. I'm dying to know where he was posted to and what his activities were throughout the war. I'd also love to track down some photos or letters if they are available, but I've come across no luck as of yet. 

If anyone could be of assistance with any information that would be fantastic. 



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Hi Steph

WWII defence service records are held by the National Archives of Australia. Curiously, I did a quick RecordSearch database search using your graddad's service number and also tried a few combinations of his names and place of enlistment and was not able to locate any information about his service.  I confirmed that the details you provided are correct using the WWII nominal roll at http://www.ww2roll.gov.au/script/veteran.asp?ServiceID=A&Vetera....

All the WWII services dossiers have been listed and are meant to display in our database.  Your grandfather's service record appears to be an anomaly, maybe there has been some error that is preventing us from finding it.  I'm not able to look into it this afternoon, but will start looking into it on Monday.  I'll get back to you when I have tracked down what is happening.



(NAA staff)

Hi there Tonia,

Thanks so much for looking into that for me so soon! I ended up calling you guys and CARO and was informed that apparently he may be a 'post 47', given that there is the second service number 382484. However I have just spoken to my grandparents and after being discharged in 1946 he didn't serve overseas but was enlisted in the Citizens Military Force, in the army reserves I think. Hopefully that may help in tracking down the records.  No worries, thanks again for looking into this for me. 



Hi Stephanie

Given that one of the service numbers you give has no prefix (WWII army records for soldiers elisting in Victoria have the VX prefix and those who enlisted in Vic in the Civilian Military Forces have a V prefix), it seems your grandfather's service record may have been amalgamated into his CMF post war service record.

When you spoke to our reference officer, did they take your details and your grandfather's, so that they could identify the post WWII CMF service records?  If not, I recommend you submit a reference inquiry for his records using our online form at http://naa.gov.au/collection/forms/pww-inquiry.aspx.  We will then contact CARO to obtain access to the records on your behalf.




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