I am still trying to find any information on my late Great Great Grandfather

Born about 1853 and married Rachel Jane Flood in 1875 NSW.

They were divorced in 1883 and Rachel moved to Newcastle about 1892 and died in1937 in Carrington NSW.

I believe John was a Station Master at McDonaldtown, I cannot confirm this.

Where did he live after the divorce, when did he die and did he remarry.

Cheers Di

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There is another thread from 2013 on the following link



Hi Di

If you could see the big, and I mean really B I G smile on my face you would laugh.  

I can take you back to where your Williams family tree married into my Jerkins family in 1825, Middlesex. and fill in lots of names and dates if you are still looking.

John James Williams was the oldest son of John Roche Williams and Mary Sophia O'Donnell.  

He was baptized 22.6.1851 in St Pancras, Camden and had siblings Daniel Thomas b 1856 Clerkenwell, Alfred Roche b 1858 Clerkenwell and William Thomas b 1860, Islington.

John Roche Williams was the oldest son of David Moseley Williams and Joanna Jerkins.

Today I found him on a tree at Ancestry.com.au in which it was stated that he died in NSW.

I am intrigued to know why he got there?  Was he a convict too?

Despite their marriage certificate recording Joanna's surname as Juggins, she was actually the older sister of my gg grandfather William Jerkins who came to Tasmania in chains, 1830.  Their parents were William Jerkins and Bridget Coffey who married 1803 in Marylebone (from memory), a year after his discharge from the army.

Joanna's father died when she was about 5, her mother Bridget remarried to Thomas Gillespie 3 months later but she died when Joanna was about 13. I think Joanna was most likely raised by a relative of her mother, James Coffey, who witnessed her marriage.  

William, my ancestor does not appear to have been born, or christened and aged 2, after his father's death he was not kept with his siblings (I dont think). I dont know who he was raised by, but Joanna had her brother John with her for at least some of their childhood.

Reading through the tree online today, it seems children loosing parents when they were young is quite common for the family and as for changes of surnames...... well join the club!  I have wriggled my way through many.

Joanna Jerkins was born 1807 to William Jerkins an ex soldier who was probably in Canada 1792ish and who definitely fought hard with the 16th Queens Lancers during the French Revolutionary wars of the later 1790s.

I have not found the origins of David Mosely Williams but Joanna had 2 children with him before her death.  David remarried quickly to Sarah Cook and had more children. I have lots of certificates to share.

William my gg grandfather served his time in Tasmania and went to South Australia within weeks of the first ship arriving. There he got together with a lady who had 2 small daughters and together they had another 5 children, some who made it and some who did not.  Their descendants are mostly in Victoria.

I would be absolutely over the moon to share all I have with descendants of John James Williams or his siblings, grandchildren etc. They are part of my Jerkins family tree and I am truly ecstatic to have found relatives locally.


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