Trying to find family history of Jean McCrae born 9 Dec 1928 @ bellingen NSW father thought to be William McCrae. Need details of earler generations.

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I am not sure that the National Archives is able to help you with this request.  Our collection contains the records of the Commonwealth government since Federation in 1901.  We only hold records for individuals if they interacted with the Commonwealth government, such as requesting assistance with migration to Australia or applying for citizenship.

Hopefully someone will see your request through an internet search or by coming to the forum through another means, and be able to provide you with additional information.

Sorry I wasn’t able to help you on this occasion



(NAA staff)

Hi Samuel,

Do you have a copy of Jean's marriage certificate?  What was her mother's name?



Hi Debra, no I don't have her marriage certificate but I found out her mother's name Beryl A Hardwick born 1906, Died 1993. Married in Molong, NSW in 1925 Registration no 12538 I got back onto Ancestry .com and found everything I wanted to know there.  hope this helps, Sam


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