Hello, I am looking for a daughter of John ( Ivan ) Vidan. He was born 1910. in Sholta ex Yugoslavia, who came to Australia in 1925. He was married in 1931. After their 2 years old son died, they split up ( 1932 -1933 ).

I have some records of him and his marriage, through newspapers, until 1936.

After some years he lived with a woman ( probably spanish ballerina ). Unfortunately I don't know her name. They had a daughter but she probably had her mother's surname. All I've heard about names are Veronica and Mary ( not sure ). He left Australia in 1938.

She was born in Perth, from 1933-34. to 1938. As I have nothing about them, I quess that I need to look through birth documents in Perth 1933-1938. but I don't  know if I can surf according her father's surname? Can someone help me to find the pages of birth records so I can look for it ?

Thank you

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Sonja,   This is a link to the online Western Australian BDM Index



 Thank you Elizabeth


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