My grandmother arrived to Australia with her husband back in 1970 and gave birth to both her daughters in 1970 and 1972 respectively. Fast forward to today, we are just curious to see whether she can still be eligible for it since I have read that back in 1970, 3 months of service in Australia can make you eligible for it. I was able to find her Arrival record but I dont have access to her passport or departure dates (requesed it), but she has both her daughters Australian birth certificates which proves shes been there for over 2 years. She has visited the country several times through a visa ever since. 

Can this make my grandma eligible for a citizenship? Has anyone had a similar experience?

Any advice is appreciated, and thank you! We are just curious as it has been a long time since then. 

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Try your local Council that should be good starting point, cheers Allan


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