"IRO stat." column on inward passenger lists - 'anna salen' arrived fremantle 25/10/1949

Hello All,

I am wondering if anyone has any clues regarding the column headed "IRO stat." (presumably for status) on the first page of these records.  Under the "IRO stat." column is typed either a capital "S" or a capital "C" for each of the arrivals. What do these letters stand for?  I've done some reading about the IRO and displaced persons' status at that time but can't pin this down.  I'd be very grateful for any ideas or context.

Many thanks in advance. 


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Hi Louise,

My thoughts are that the 'IRO Stat' column directly relates to the column before it which gives the number of their form CM/1.  The 'S' may stand for Stateless but I am not sure what corresponding word the 'C' would denote, 'Citizen' perhaps?

There is an example of a CM/1 file here (scroll down to near the bottom)  https://www.its-arolsen.org/en/help-and-faq/sample-documents/index....

Perhaps you should contact them to ask, as they may still have a copy of the original instructions for completing the manifest.



Hi Louisa

Did you find an answer to this question? I am very interested in the same issue. My father came in 1951 via the IRO (he was spanish but came from France).  All the spaniards coming from France had  with classification "S", although one had "C". I cannot find the answer to this.  I am looking to write an article on the spaniards brought to Australia with the support of the IRO.



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