My ancestor arrived from Plymouth to Cooktown on the Ship Bulimba on 5/3/1883. I have tracked him to the Newcastle area in 1886. I would like to know what method of transport he and his family - wife and 6 children  - would have used to make their way Cooktown to New South Wales.

I don't know for sure that he made the trip in one go or perhaps went to Brisbane before going further south.

The railway hadn't reached Cooktown.

Were there interstate coastal passenger at this time

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I meant to say were their interstate passenger lists for coastal ships in the 1880s-1900s?

Not really an answer, but can I confirm that this is the Lingard family as they were with a party of 8? This family seems to have left the ship in Townsville.


No sorry John Nicholas 

Got them ... also debarking at Townsville

They are mentioned in the following PDF (go to the last page):

It mentions that they have left the Depot at Townsville and have work in town i.e. it does not sound as if they left Townsville right away.

Thanks Sylvia, I have copies of their arrival but this one is clearer. Where does it say they have work in town? Ultimately I'm trying to track their movements from Townsville to the central coast.

Behind their family group in the "Registers of immigrants per ship landed at Immigration Depot at Townsville" is stated: "Left depot. Work in town".

I haven't been able to find their names in any other immigration/passenger lists (QLD and NSW) after this and Trove did not spit out any shipping info for this family either ...


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