Does anyone know how to locate either case files from the International Refugee Organisation or the application files made by displaced persons to Australian authorities overseas?

My father, Pascual FRANCO MARTINEZ, and some of his friends came to Australia in 1951 from France with the support of the International Refugee Organization (IRO).  They were spanish republicans in exile. 

I have obtained my father's entry documentation and naturalisation files - and I have recently requested similar files a couple of his friends.

However, what is missing when I do a record search in each case is:

Firstly, any file relating to their application to Australian authorities in France for selection or permission to come to Australia, and  

Secondly, their IRO case files.I understand all the IRO case files where shipped to Australia in about 1954.  These would be the files were they registered with the IRO in France as displaced persons.

I find it surprising that such files are not available for my father, but also his friends.

Any advice would be most appreciated. 


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Does anyone know the answer to this? I have not given up, despite lack of success to date.


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