Hello there.

I submitted an urgent request for International Movement Records earlier this week as I had misplaced my previous Passport and I am visiting China in a week and a half (28th Aug).  I renewed my Passport in May 2016.

The version of the Visa Kit I used as provided by CIBTvisas required a letter addressed to the Chinese Consulate to explain the previous Passport had been misplaced, which I provided. Subsequently on submission of the Visa to the CIBTvisas Office in Sydney I was advised by the Visa officer I would need to request my International Movement Records for the last 2 years (since 1st Jan 2014).

To date I have not received a response to my request for International Movement Records (no response received indicating the submission has been received and is being assessed). I tried calling the NAA, but there is a >1 hour wait to talk to an operator.

As part of the urgent request for International Movement Records submitted via the submission email 'request.movement@border.gov.au', I included a letter stating the urgency of the request with details of the trips I had undertaken during the specified time.

At this point I need to know if I will be able to obtain the information by tomorrow (Fri 19th Aug) to provide to the CIBTvisas by the end of the day to include in my Visa submission.

I understand this process can take up to 2 weeks and completely understand if the request cannot be expedited. However, I need to know by tomorrow morning either way so I can make alternative arrangements.

I am hoping someone can assist me with this query (if I am unable to get in contact with an operator on the phone). Thanks.

Kind Regards


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Dear Craig,

Thank you for your message. Unfortunately the National Archives of Australia are unable to assist you.

You will need to speak with the Department of Immigration and Border Protection, as this is where you sent your request. The National Archives would not hold the details you require, as they fall into the closed period  under the Archives Act 1983.  

Their contact details can be found via the following link.



Leslie (Archives staff)

Thanks Leslie.

Kind Regards



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