I am looking for a mother and child who arrived in Australia (what port?) in October 1949 aboard the "Toscana". But I do not know the family name.

The mother's first name was Wilma, her surname probably starts with "S".

She was travelling with her son, Jürgen (Jurgen, Juergen), approx. 5 years old.

Can anybody advise where I might find the immigration record and the surname of that family?

Thanks a lot.

Jochen from Germany.


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Hello Jochen

I have spoken with our Reference Services staff and they recommend that you send an email to ref@naa.gov.au.  In your email you will need to ask for the full passenger manifest for the Toscana, arrival in Fremantle on 4 October.  Please provide your contact details as well.

Once they have received your email, our Reference staff will contact you within 30 days and will send you a quote for a copy of the manifest and information about how you can pay. A copy will cost A$25.

The manifest will give you a listing of all of the passengers who arrived in Australia on the Toscana.  The ship first arrived in Fremantle, Western Australia and then travelled on to a number of different Australian ports.  The Fremantle manifest will tell you the port of disembarkation for each of the passengers.

Once you have identified the mother and child's names, the National Archives may have additional immigration records such as migrant selection documents and naturalisation records.  In order to find out whether any additional records exist,  I recommend you submit a reference inquiry using the 'Immigration records' online form. The link to this form is on http://www.naa.gov.au/info/forms/reference.aspx  



(NAA staff)


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