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He is a sri lankan tamil who migrated to australia in 1985 year.he migrated there as a refugee i think.his name is "Veeraputhran Vishwanathen".he usually use his name as "V-Raja". He went there with a person named Mackenzie.sadly i dont know his full name.untill that he married a Australian Girl in 1985 end or 1986 start.he worked as a Manager in Waterfront Hotel,Watapuluwa,Kandy,Sri Lanka in 1984 till his Migration.The person named Mackenzie brought a 7-8 years old sri lankan girl to Adoption.Mr.Mackenzie and Mr.V-Raja both gone to Australia in 1985.MR.V-Raja s first apartment was> No 15,JASPER-STREET,HYDEPARK-5061,south australia.i ve searched here and there.i cant find him.i wish if theres any "old people" whos there in this street can help me.plz help! Glad about your bit of help.


Sorry we can't help.

Have you tried the United Nations refugees' agency for information?




Dear Hillary !
i couldn't been able to find some kind of info outlet of that kind of there any kind of method?it's so sad that i cant find a bit of info in most of sites.
Ravi Fernando
If i upload few photos of these two persons what can we do?
Is it helpful?

Dear Ravi

I have had a quick look at the UNHCR website.  They advise that for inquiries relating to refugee and asylum policy, individual cases, or media/public information in Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific, please contact UNHCR Regional Office Canberra.  They have published the email address  They may have refugee resettlement case information on the person you are looking for.

The National Archives of Australia is not able to help you with your query as we do not hold any records that would assist you in your search. 



(NAA staff member)

Thank you very much Tonia!
Ravi Fernando


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