hello to everybody.

i'm trying to find myself.to know if i was or if i ever had australian cityzenship

i found my father and my mother,but nothin else

somebody can tell me what to do?

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If you were born in Australia, you are automatically an Aust citizen, even if you were born before your parents gained citizenship.

If not, then contact the Dept of Immigration and Citizenship and they will be able to help you.

Hello Antonio

Information about Australian citizenship can be found at http://www.citizenship.gov.au/current/. If you would like to find out whether you hold Australian citizenship, go to http://www.citizenship.gov.au/current/proof_of_citizenship/

If your parents were not born in Australia but lived in Australia, they may have applied to become Australian citizens. If you would like a reference officer to search the collection to identify whether we hold naturalisation applications for your parents, please complete a reference inquiry using the online form at http://reftracker.naa.gov.au/reft100.aspx?key=03ImmiRef Please note, you need to fill in a new form for each person you are looking for.

If your parents came to Australian under an assisted migration scheme, we may have their application to migrate. You can use the online form above to also request this information.

Best of luck in your search


(NAA staff)


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