I am looking for my uncle Fred Melby, born 17 April 1936 (I am almost certain of the date and year) in Larvik, Norway. He arrived Melbourne per Skotaas 25 March 1955. I don´t know more!

Mother: Solveig Melby born 9 Dec 1910 deceased 13 Oct 2002. Father: Fritz Anker Melby born 1 Dec 1903 deceased 5 Dec 1977.

Sister: Solfrid Melby born 25 Apr 1945 deceased 26 Dec 1986. Brother: Roy Melby born 13 Mar 1937. Brother: Frank Melby born 26 Apr 1950.

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I am fairly confident that the following events are for the same person, but unfortunately there is no hard proof available online.

You’ve probably seen that there are 2 files for Fred on this NAA site with 2 different locations:
#1 - Melbourne, VIC - Series B78 = Alien registration documents (Department of Immigration, Victorian Branch)
#2 - Adelaide, SA - Series D4881 = Alien registration cards (Department of Immigration, South Australia Branch)
So yes, he arrived in Melbourne, but at some stage he might have resided in South Australia as well.

Eventually he seems to have ended up in the Northern Territory.

In 2000 he is mentioned regarding a court case when he is a caretaker on Clarevale farm near Katherine NT. He’d had been there for about 12 years, so from abt 1988.
See: http://www.supremecourt.nt.gov.au/archive/doc/sentencing_remarks/0/...  (a downloadable version: http://www.supremecourt.nt.gov.au/archive/doc/sentencing_remarks/0/... )

His death in 2003:
Northern Territory Deaths – Parish Burials
Fred Melby
Age at Death: 76 years
Death Place: Darwin NT
Death Date: 2003-05-21
Burial Date: 2003-09-12
Cemetery: Thorak Regional Cemetery, Darwin NT

 I suspect that the big gap between death and burial could have to do with no known next-of-kin and/or that Fred had not left any money for his burial. There might not be a grave stone if he was given a “paupers” burial..
The cemetery would be able to tell you more: https://www.litchfield.nt.gov.au/gallery/thorak-regional-cemetery (brochure: https://territorymemorials.squarespace.com/s/Information-Brochure-T...)


Feedback from the original poster would be welcome


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