Tip/s appreciated please in how to search a surname in Name search  as I just tried of WELLINGTON . Alas many of the records that popped up were of folk born in Wellington NSW .

Was looking for any possible additonal info on a WELLINGTON who worked at Mt Stromlo in 1943

The word MAY as a surname is far worse as brings up all born in the month of May


When its a name such as WELLINGTON  and you select an 'all records ' search  IT brings the whole lot up and you cant refine the search but typing in the first names







 Many thanks




Marg Morters



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Hi Marg

Concerning Wellington, names that are also place names are always a problem. An option in this particular case would be to undertake a search on the Advanced search Item screen as follows:

* Keywords: Wellington

* keywords Exclude: Hotel

*  Series number Exclude: B2455, B883, B884, A6769, A6770, A9300, A9301, A471, A705 (these are the series numbers of the main defence service personnel files, court-martial files, air accident files that are likely to have a number of references to the place name Wellington)

* Date from/to: 1940 to 1945

* Physical format Exclude: Photographs (this will exclude photographs of Wellington, NSW, Mt Wellington etc)

This reduces the results to 446 instead of several thousand - which is manageable to look through, particularly if you change the display to show 200 per page and if you sort the results into Series number order - then you can ignore all items within a particular series (you can tell, for example, that some of the series are foreign affairs series dealing with Wellington, New Zealand) and this helps you check through the search result more quickly.

From a quick check of the results, I cannot see a Wellington who might have worked at Mt Stromlo. I suggest you send it as a reference enquiry to ref@naa.gov.au providing more information about the person and what he was doing (if you know). What was he working on? What was his occupation?

Concerning the surname May, this is always a problem! If you let me know what the person was involved in, we could devise a general search strategy for you to use. For example, did the person serve in the defence forces? Did the person migrate to Australia etc?  Or, if you send a reference enquiry to ref@naa.gov.au with specific information about the person (surname, given names, why you think the person may have been mentioned in Commonwealth records), we could investigate this further.






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